Periodontal Therapies

Periodontal Exam, Therapies, and Maintenance

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection in your gums that results in bleeding, inflammation, and sensitivity.  It can lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

We can diagnose and treat periodontal disease, and bring your gums back to health.

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Periodontal therapies include:


Deep gum cleaning


Scaling and root planing

Periodontis is a dangerous gum disease that can lead to tooth loss if not treated.

Scaling and root planing are two techniques for removing periodontis-causing bacteria from below your gum line. These are non-surgical techniques and can be completed under a local anesthetic.

After treatment, we recommend coming in at least twice a year for preventative care cleanings so we can detect and stop recurrent gum infections.

Scaling is a deep cleaning technique that removes plaque from your tooth under your gums.

Root planing involves scraping and smoothing rough areas of the tooth root. When the tooth root has been planed, bacteria can be scraped away.

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We're here! Call to book: (540) 465-3980